AP Automation for Total Control & Efficiency

PayStream automates the entire invoice life cycle from invoice digitization to making vendor payments and integrating with your accounting software. Say goodbye to manual data entry, paper invoices and time consuming processes. Improve efficiencies, and lower your invoice processing costs with PayStream.

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Put away the check book.

Paying your vendors doesn’t need to be a complicated process. Pay Stream allows you to easily organize, review, and pay ALL your bills electronically from one central location!

Save 80% of the time you used to spend paying invoices

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Simplify the way you pay bills.

Say goodbye to manual data entry, collecting paper invoices and mailing checks.
Paystream offers visibility into your entire AP process.

// Eliminate Manual Data Entry

Invoice digitization at your fingertips.

Getting invoices into the system is simple. Connect directly with your distributor, snap a photo or upload invoices and we’ll handle the rest. Invoices are digitized line by line and stored in your electronic filing cabinet. The days of hunting down paper invoices is a thing of the past!

So, how does it work?

Upload an Invoice
You upload an invoice. We digitize it. How easy is that?
Approval rules keep you and your team in control of invoices to follow your work flow.
Pay Your Way
Easily pay any vendor by ACH, Check or Credit Card.
Say goodbye to manual data entry, we integrate directly with your accounting software.

Simplify your approval workflows.

Easily understand the status of each invoice from the moment it enters your kitchen. Paystream tailors your approval workflows to fit your needs.
Create user rules so you can easily understand the status of each invoice and have your team take appropriate action so that bills can be paid in a timely manner.

Invoice Digitization

Connect with your distributor, snap a photo, or upload invoices. Our software will handle the rest!

Real-Time Visibility

Easily see pending invoice approvals, submitted invoices and payment activity.

Streamlined Approval Workflows

Streamlined approval workflows puts you in control so that your team has a better understanding of the status of each invoice and actions that need to be taken.

Accounting Integrations

Send invoices directly to QuickBooks Online to eliminate time-consuming data entry and move on with your day.

Pay Vendors How You Want

Easily pay your vendors by check or ACH.

Benefits of AP Automation
Reduced Labor Costs

Automate manual tasks and reduce labor costs associated with manual AP processes by up to 50%.

Increased Efficiency

Streamline and automate your AP processes to increase efficiency and productivity. Stop hunting down paper invoices and get back to the things you love.

Improved Accuracy

Invoice digitization reduces errors and improves the accuracy of your AP data.

Enhanced Visibility

Understand the status of each invoice and gain real-time visibility into your AP processes to help make informed decisions.

Visibility and Increased Control

Take control of your AP data and processes to increase overall business performance.

“Paystream has allowed me to streamline our old process. My orders used to come in on Wednesday and it would take a few days to track down checks and get them paid. Now I check items in, take a photo and pay the bill from one place. I no longer have to rely on other team members, tracking down and writing physical checks. I love the independence of being able to control the entire cycle from an order coming into the kitchen to paying that vendor.”

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