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Restaurant Referral Program

Introducing the Back Office Restaurant Referral Program

Unlock up to $5,000 in rewards while revolutionizing your restaurant’s operations with our Restaurant Referral Program—discover how! With our multi-tier software solution, Back Office brings essential tools like food cost management, payroll, accounting, bookkeeping, and AP automation into one robust technology solution. Whether you operate an independent restaurant, manage a multi-location setup, oversee a franchise, […]

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The Ingredient Impact

The Ingredient Impact: Why Restaurant Operators Need to Know

Running a successful restaurant is a delicate balancing act that requires attention to numerous details. From creating a mouthwatering menu to managing staff and providing excellent service, there’s a lot to consider. One often overlooked but critically important aspect is understanding which ingredients have the largest impact on your restaurant’s success. In this blog, we’ll […]

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Male and female restaurant owners standing in the dining room, smiling.

When and How to Switch Your Accountant

Table of Contents: Trouble with Traditional Accounting How to Tell When It’s Time to Switch Finding the Right Restaurant Accounting Solution The Future of Restaurant Accounting Accounting Services That Drive Profitability In this white paper, you’ll find out why it’s time to ditch your traditional accountant and embrace the wonders of Back Office technology. Ah, […]

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Restaurant chef, owner, and server working in the back office

Back Office Technology: A Foodservice Must-Have

Table of Contents: Restaurant Accounting Restaurant Payroll Restaurant AP Automation Food Cost Management Introducing Your One-Stop-Shop: Back Office Start Optimizing Your Restaurant Accounting & Accelerate Growth! Why Restaurants Use Back Office Foodservice technology refers to the use of technology in the foodservice industry to streamline processes, enhance customer experiences, and improve overall operations. There are […]

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Restaurant AP Automation: Catalyzing Back Office Efficiency for Profits

Every moment counts in foodservice and the management of the accounts payable (AP) department plays a pivotal role. The intricacies of handling trade payables, vendor invoices, and payment terms can greatly impact a restaurant’s bottom line. Manual tasks such as invoice processing, purchase order matching, and approval processes can lead to delays and errors, affecting […]

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Numbers on the Menu: The Ultimate Guide to Restaurant Accounting

Table of Contents: What is Restaurant Accounting? Benefits of Restaurant Accounting Managing Your Restaurant Accounting Why You Should Use Technology to Help Streamline Your Accounting Processes Choosing the Best Restaurant Accounting Platform Start Optimizing Your Restaurant Accounting & Accelerate Growth! Restaurant Accounting FAQs The restaurant industry, with its fast-paced nature and constant demand for culinary […]

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Restaurant owner working on accounting in dining room.

3 Reasons Why Restaurants Need To Use Hospitality Specific Accountants To Improve Their Financial Results

The restaurant industry’s margins are slim, so success strongly hinges on sound financial management. The demand for specialized accounting services has never been more pronounced than where we see it today. Restaurant owners have recognized the necessity of partnering with accountants proficient in both general financial practices and the intricacies of restaurant operations. These specialized accountants aren’t […]

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8 Benefits of Using Restaurant Payroll Management Technology

8 Benefits of Restaurants Using Payroll Management Technology

Restaurant payroll is an important aspect of financial management for restaurants. It includes wages, tips, overtime, and any other benefits or compensation they may be entitled to. By tracking employee compensation and related expenses, you can’t accurately forecast labor costs or staffing levels accordingly. You can streamline the entire payroll process by using payroll management […]