Boost Financial Accuracy and Clarity

Bookkeeping+ is a value-added financial service to boost your current accounting package based on your operational needs and goals. Gain exclusive access to our team of experienced bookkeepers who provide accurate financial reporting and audits, seamless expense tracking, automated transaction processing, and more.

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Restaurant Bookkeeping Services​

Eliminate time spent on manual bookkeeping processes such as cash management and financial audits, enabling you to focus on running your restaurant.

Access to Industry Bookkeepers

Receive direct access to a specialized team of industry bookkeepers who provide time and assistance for all your financial inquiries. This team offers meticulous verification of your books so you can experience the ease of accurate and timely financial management, backed by expert support.

Auto-Generated Invoice Setup

Auto-generated invoices created for recurring expenses enabling accurate and timely payments to your vendors without any action required!

Quarterly Financial Review
At the end of each quarter, key stakeholders work with our team to review financials and discuss the overall health of the business, ensuring you keep your finger on the financial pulse of your restaurant.
Daily Transaction Processing

Upload your invoices and let RASI take it from there! We process the invoices, send notification of new vendors, and build new inventory items. You simply review and approve.

Account Reconciliations

Account reconciliation and GL coding occurs on a weekly basis. All bank-cleared transactions are auto-matched, reducing the number of unmatched transactions to review at the end of the period.

Period-End Financial Close

Receive a full operational review at period end, focusing on financial performance metrics and outstanding reconciliation items to successfully close out the period.

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// Boost Financial Accuracy & Clarity

Benefits of Back Office Bookkeeping

Accelerate growth with Back Office’s Bookkeeping Services & Team of Experts Bookkeepers.
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  • Access to industry expert bookkeepers

  • Peace of mind knowing all financials are accurate

  • Complete financial visibility into your operation
  • Keep your finger on the financial pulse of your restaurant

  • Save time to focus more on day-to-day business operations
  • Standardization of financial metrics across multi-unit operations
  • Scale your business knowing you have a team of expert bookkeeper support
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Customers Share Their Experiences

Emilia Clarke
Mohammad Azhur
PGA-TPC Golf Course
“It makes chef’s lives easier and gives us more hours to spend in the kitchen. All the reporting I could ever ask for is at my fingertips.”
Emilia Clarke
Rob Hagen
Riverhill Country Club
“I wish I had known about Back Office years ago. It has taken our inventory time from three full days to a few hours!”
Emilia Clarke
Jennifer Iglesia
FAT Brands
“You’re bringing us to the next level as a
supply chain team.”
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