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Don’t wait until the end of the month to spot problems.

Waiting until the end of the month for your P&L doesn’t leave you much room to course correct if you see your numbers heading in the wrong direction. We believe in providing WEEKLY reports so you can make smarter decisions and hit your goals before it’s too late.

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Better Insights for Better Decision Making

You can’t make smart decisions without good information. Real Time Alerts, budgets, price trends, usage reports and much more takes manual reporting tasks off your plate and automates the process.  The information you need is now readily available at your fingertips. 

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COGS and Food Cost Goals

Understanding your COGS is a key metric to success.  Back Office tracks your sales to provide weekly food cost percentage and Cost of Goods Sold- WITH or WITHOUT taking inventory! Easily set and implement budgets to help reach your goals and hold your purchasing team accountable.

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We've Got Your Back

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Purchasing Analytics

Take a deep dive into your purchases like never before. Back Office was designed to help your team make more informed purchasing decisions. Slice and dice how you view your spend reports whether by supplier, ingredients or categories so you can easily analyze your purchases and increase margins!

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Multi-Unit Restaurants Have Unique Challenges. We Have Unique Solutions.

Managing multiple locations can get exponentially complex. Back Office simplifies your work streams and saves major time.

  • Manage all your data, ingredients for all locations in one account
  • See metrics of all locations to track spend by category and ingredient purchases
  • Build a recipe and push to all locations.
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Customers Share Their Experiences

Emilia Clarke
Mohammad Azhur
PGA-TPC Golf Course
“It makes chef’s lives easier and gives us more hours to spend in the kitchen. All the reporting I could ever ask for is at my fingertips.”
Emilia Clarke
Rob Hagen
Riverhill Country Club
“I wish I had known about Back Office years ago. It has taken our inventory time from three full days to a few hours!”
Emilia Clarke
Jennifer Iglesia
FAT Brands
“You’re bringing us to the next level as a
supply chain team.”
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