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Back Office restaurant accounting system is powered by accounting professionals with restaurant backgrounds who help operators increase profits. Our team creates scale for your restaurant while educating and training management to make smarter business decisions through industry-specific reporting and timely financial analysis.

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Our Services

Our people, paired with our restaurant accounting software, expertly manage, educate and guide our customers, providing financial accounting services leading to increased profits.

Industry Experts

Increase efficiencies with our restaurant accounting experts who provide actionable insights into understanding and impacting operational results.

Financial Accounting Reports

Keep your finger on the financial pulse of your operation through our expert bookkeeping with a weekly financial package. Our accurate financial statements enable your team to make the timely adjustments necessary to drive profitability.

Annual Balance Sheet Reviews

Collaborate with our team to review your business’s assets, liabilities, and equity to ensure your books are balanced. Utilize results to make educated decisions that facilitate growth and profitability within your restaurant.

Semi-Annual Operational Evaluations

We help engage your management team to set goals and create measurements for the future by providing analysis on current results against industry comparisons.

Cash Management Reporting

Gain complete transparency into your cash position with daily and weekly reconciliations.

Comparative Accounting Cycles

Review trends within budgets, forecasting, and financial analysis with an accounting cycle that works for your business: 13 period, 445 or 544.

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Benefits of Back Office Restaurant Accounting

Accelerate growth with Back Office’s Accounting Services & Team of Industry Experts.
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  • Weekly financials give you the ability to make proactive decisions

  • Targeted financial closes ensure pinpoint accuracy of your financial books

  • Uncover new revenue producing opportunities

  • Eliminate administrative expenses by 20%-50%

  • Reduce the loss of accounting personnel turnover

  • Standardize financial metrics across all locations
  • Eliminate spreadsheets and outdated manual processes
  • Accountability maintains store-level ownership
  • Empower your management team to take ownership of their roles and accountability within the business
  • Scale your team and create efficiencies within your restaurant
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Customers Share Their Experiences

Emilia Clarke
Mohammad Azhur
PGA-TPC Golf Course
“It makes chef’s lives easier and gives us more hours to spend in the kitchen. All the reporting I could ever ask for is at my fingertips.”
Emilia Clarke
Rob Hagen
Riverhill Country Club
“I wish I had known about Back Office years ago. It has taken our inventory time from three full days to a few hours!”
Emilia Clarke
Jennifer Iglesia
FAT Brands
“You’re bringing us to the next level as a
supply chain team.”
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