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A restaurant operator is as good as their data and reporting; this is why we believe in weekly financial reporting! We provide our operators with a weekly financial package, giving them the data they need to make faster, more informed decisions that directly increase profits.

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Financial Reporting Built by and for Restaurant Owners

The restaurant industry is chock full of nuances that make the need for custom reporting a must-have in your arsenal. Utilizing an industry-specific financial statement layout offers actionable insights and clarity into every aspect of your restaurant’s financial health.

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Intuitive Budgeting and Forecasting

Through our robust financial dashboard, operators can easily view historical metrics to build out more accurate budgets and increase the precision of their forecasting!

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Side-by-Side Comparative & Drill‑Down Dynamic Reporting

Easily view unique store performance across multiple operations and leverage drill-down dynamic reporting to understand how your financials impact daily operations – all the way down to the guest check!

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Say Goodbye to Deviated Accounting Cycles

Increase efficiencies and save time by monitoring meaningful trends and KPIs within your operations through period-based accounting cycles (7-day work weeks vs split months). Comparing apples to apples has never been easier!

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Customers Share Their Experiences

Emilia Clarke
Mohammad Azhur
PGA-TPC Golf Course
“It makes chef’s lives easier and gives us more hours to spend in the kitchen. All the reporting I could ever ask for is at my fingertips.”
Emilia Clarke
Rob Hagen
Riverhill Country Club
“I wish I had known about Back Office years ago. It has taken our inventory time from three full days to a few hours!”
Emilia Clarke
Jennifer Iglesia
FAT Brands
“You’re bringing us to the next level as a
supply chain team.”
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