Restaurant operator using restaurant technology to check inventory.

Restaurant Technology to the Rescue: How Embracing Back Office Tech Can Save You Time and Money

With today’s lingering economic uncertainty, marked by rising food costs, persistent labor challenges, and intensifying competition, restaurant technology has emerged as a particularly effective tool for owners and operators committed to building a successful, lasting business. Of course, the value of technology in the restaurant field isn’t new. The Covid-19 pandemic sparked rapid, wide-scale adoption […]

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Hand stacks coins, showing rising wages for restaurant workers.

Navigating California Minimum Wage Legislation: How AB 1228 Affects Quick-Serve Restaurants

In recent years, California has led the movement to increase the minimum wage. Assembly Bill 1228 (AB 1228), which went into effect April 1, 2024, requires quick-serve restaurants to pay employees a minimum wage of $20/hour. In addition, AB 1228 established the nation’s first Fast Food Council, a consortium of foodservice workers, government appointees, and […]

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Restaurant Referral Program

Introducing the Back Office Restaurant Referral Program

Unlock up to $5,000 in rewards while revolutionizing your restaurant’s operations with our Restaurant Referral Program—discover how! With our multi-tier software solution, Back Office brings essential tools like food cost management, payroll, accounting, bookkeeping, and AP automation into one robust technology solution. Whether you operate an independent restaurant, manage a multi-location setup, oversee a franchise, […]

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8 Benefits of Using Restaurant Payroll Management Technology

8 Benefits of Restaurants Using Payroll Management Technology

Restaurant payroll is an important aspect of financial management for restaurants. It includes wages, tips, overtime, and any other benefits or compensation they may be entitled to. By tracking employee compensation and related expenses, you can’t accurately forecast labor costs or staffing levels accordingly. You can streamline the entire payroll process by using payroll management […]

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Comprehensive Checklist for Payroll

Comprehensive Checklist for Running Payroll

Ultimate Restaurant Payroll Checklist Name a restaurant process, and chances are you have a reliable checklist for guidance and adherence to best practices. Kitchen procedures? Check(list). Supply chain optimization? Check(list) again. Payroll procedures and guidelines? If running a payroll platform isn’t in your wheelhouse — and don’t worry, it’s not a specialty for most in […]

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Restaurant Accounting

Cooking Up Profits: How Accurate Restaurant Accounting Fuels Success

Restaurant accounting refers to the specialized field of accounting that focuses on financial management and reporting specific to the restaurant industry. It involves tracking, analyzing, and managing the financial transactions and operations of a restaurant business. Restaurant accounting encompasses various aspects, including bookkeeping, financial statement preparation, budgeting, cash flow management, inventory control, payroll processing, tax […]

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